Rethink the Utility and Technology/Service Provider Connection

Validos is a self-guided technology platform designed to help small and mid sized utilities connect with the right technology and service providers to run and improve their business. Serving both utilities and providers, Validos allows you to digitally discover, connect, collaborate, and manage procurement and sales cycles.

What Validos Offers
Discover and Connect

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Validos is a self-service platform that provides utilities and providers an easy way to find what they need.  Technology and customer needs are changing at a rapid pace and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the trends and demands. Validos simplifies how utilities connect with the right providers by ensuring complete information is shared and the right questions are answered.

What Validos Does

Utilities can easily discover relevant technology and services listed by the companies that provide them.  These are providers that specialize in Customer and meter-to cash-processes, services and technologies such as Customer Information systems, Utility Billing Systems, Customer Engagement, Customer Self-service. Meter Data Management, Electronic Billing and Payment, Mobile Field Workforce, and other mission critical applications.


The Validos customer operated platform puts knowledge in the user’s hands in real time, versus having to rely on industry conferences, webinars, sales calls, peer advice and industry analysts/advisors.  This is knowledge for Utility users about the market, as well as information for Provider users about current utility business challenges and possible opportunities to propose their solutions.


Discover utility company challenges and projects and providers experience and solutions

Connect to partners and collaborate with industry peers

•Digitally manage the procurement life cycle for the buyer and seller – reducing risk, saving time and money

Validos Professional Services

We are focused on Utility Technology products and services and realize that technology can never completely take the place of personal touch. Validos offers high-touch and high-value consulting services to complement our Platform for utilities and providers, such as:


1. Industry Focused Marketing

  • Content development

  • Promotion

  • Campaign/Event Management

  • Branding

  • Communications/PR

  • Tool Management

2. Industry and Competitive Assessments

  • Research

  • Benchmarking

  • Provider landscape

  • Product and Service Positioning/Education

3. Advisory

  • Product Evaluations

  • Commercial Negotiation for Total Cost Predictability

  • Guided Evaluation Consulting

  • Personalized Platform Onboarding

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