More than a consultancy...a Validos.

Validos is a private, women-owned business founded to establish a business model designed to serve, advise and drive value through inventiveness, innovation, imagination, and insight while never straying from our key core values:  

  • Honesty - always speaking the truth even when it is difficult to deliver 

  • ​Accuracy - striving for absolute accuracy in delivery

  • Ability - having the background and experience to deliver 

  • Ethics - conducting behavior and actions with sound moral character  

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Kim Schafer

Partner and CEO | (303) 961-3347

Kim Schafer is founding partner and CEO of Validos.  She has worked in IT and Management Consulting for over 20 years, with a varied background and skill set that positions her well for her work at Validos. She has held various Executive and Chief of Staff positions across the organizational spectrum due to her ability to execute and drive results as an executive and for executives. Professionally, she is most proud of staying true to her values and core beliefs and always brings those to work with her. Personally she loves her 2 pit bull rescues, being physically, mentally and spiritually challenged and enjoying life in Fort Mill, SC with her significant other, John and her step kids Abby and Kayden.

Shannon Glen

Partner | (203) 558-0192

Shannon Glen is a partner of Validos.  She has worked in IT and management consulting for 9 years. Most of those years were spent working with Hosted/Managed/alternative deployment and service models. Her background is in project management, sales, and marketing.  She has led sales and marketing departments through a company sale and created efficiencies to reduce overall costs while increasing performance.  Shannon lives in Jacksonville, FL with her finance Scott and rescue dog Gypsy. She holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut.

Validos Partners

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