A few hundred years ago, the "valido" was the right-hand to the king.  Their role was to carry out the king's vision and mission. The valido was a trusted, valued, believable confidante, advising the king and executing his plans. Today, many small and mid sized utilities and even the providers that serve them, have the vision and need to adapt, grow, and change their business, but need a "valido" to help them.  Validos was formed as a consultancy in 2018 out of a desire from the 3 founding partners to better serve the industry they devoted their careers to working in.  Validos consults with Utilities and Technology and Service Providers alike and through technology advancements has developed an online platform designed to better serve both sides.  Which ultimately should better serve all of us as “rate payers” of the commodities we take for granted. 


Validos is a private, women-owned business founded to establish a business model designed to serve, advise and drive value through inventiveness, innovation, imagination, and insight while never straying from our key core values:  

  • Honesty - always speaking the truth even when it is difficult to deliver 

  • ​Accuracy - striving for absolute accuracy in delivery

  • Ability - having the background and experience to deliver 

  • Ethics - conducting behavior and actions with sound moral character  

Validos can help

Kim Schafer
Partner and CEO
(303) 961-3347

Kim is founding partner and CEO of Validos and has worked in IT and Management Consulting focused on the North American T&D Utilities Industry for nearly 25 years.  She has a varied background of consulting with Utilities directly as well as working in executive positions across technology and service providers that serve the utility industry and specific to the customer and meter to cash processes, technologies and services.  She is an industry advocate and advisor, always seeking “a better way to serve”. Professionally, she is most proud of staying true to her values and core beliefs and always brings those to work with her. Personally, she loves her 2 pit bull rescues, being physically, mentally and spiritually challenged and enjoying life in Fort Mill, SC with her significant other, John and her step kids Abby and Kayden.  Kim holds a Bachelors degree in Finance and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University.


Andre van Honschooten
(253) 230-8269

Andre is a partner of Validos and officially joined in January of 2020.  He has worked in IT and management consulting for 20 years focused primarily on delivering value driven and cost-effective technology and services for Utilities around their Customer and Meter to Cash processes.  Andre is an innovator and a brilliant solution architect.  He is passionate about better serving the under served and leaving a mark on the Industry he has called home for the bulk of his career. Professionally, he is motivated by making a difference to improve the industry. Personally, he strives to always strike the balance between work and home life with his lovely wife Melinda, 2 children Harriet and Graham and 2 rescue dogs.  Andre lives in Bellevue, WA but hails from South Africa.  He holds a Bachelors degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and an MBA from the University of Washington and completed the Harvard Business School Program for leadership development.

Shannon Glen
(203) 558-0192

Shannon Glen is a partner of Validos and officially joined in January of 2020.  She has worked in IT and management consulting for 10 years. Most of those years were spent working with utilities, providing consulting, technology, and management services. Her background is in project management, sales, and marketing. She has worked with utilities implementing, supporting, and assessing technology and business processes to drive business improvements. She has also led sales and marketing functions at providers that service the utility industry through company sales and created efficiencies to reduce overall costs while increasing performance.  She is passionate about improving performance, not only for companies, but personally as well. Shannon lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband Scott and rescue dog Gypsy. She holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut.

Validos Partners

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