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Cloud Possible: Mission Critical for Utilities – Installment #1

Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

Utilities are faced with some formidable challenges – aging infrastructure and applications, supported by an aging workforce; a new generation of consumers with higher than ever expectations for self-service and innovative product offerings; new and increased regulatory pressures, and pressure to increase operational efficiency while reducing O&M costs. Combine that with increased pressure to maintain revenues when big box and online retailers are selling energy generation technology – like solar panels – straight to consumers and it’s easy to see why utilities must begin to take a different and more aggressive approach with modern platforms, capabilities and services. The rise in cloud capability, with multiple deployment and service models, make these challenges well within the range of manageable, even for mission critical applications like CIS and ERP. An updated business and technology strategy, thoughtfully including cloud, is a meaningful first step.

Increase in cloud adoption Increase in cloud adoption
Utilities have seen a significant increase in cloud adoption in just the past 3 years.
TMG Consulting, a well-respected thought leader focused on CIS solutions in the utilities industry, commissioned their research arm to explore cloud trends in the utility industry and found that executives are serious about their cloud strategy – 77% of utility executives surveyed in 2019 are open to using a cloud-based CIS solution or hosting it in the cloud.